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Ask for distance when you are out and about!  We give at least 30% of profit to charity. Wear a shirt, let others know what you need and respect thier needs to reduce the spread!



We all play our part!

We are reaching out at a time that many, some more than others, find to be difficult.  Be it due to health issues or financial issues.  We are hoping to extend a hand to our community through a charity we are in the startup stages of.  We are raising money with the sales of our t-shirts and are giving a percentage of our profits to charity.   As I have said, we are in the startup stages, and have thus far donated more than we have gotten in profits.  We aren’t in this to make money, but to help where we see a need.   

  We have designed a line of t-shirts we call our “back out response” initiative.   We hope to draw recognition to and honor the wearers of our shirts as well as make a possible way for them to get back out into the world and living.  It has been our thought that if we have compassion for one another’s circumstances, we might more easily reassimilate into our normal, everyday, functional roles.  So, we have created a system, of sorts, to identify the wearer of the shirt.  In times like these we use our God given talents to bring others out of hardship hopefully being a reflection of our faith to those we impact and affect by our giving, recognizing and honoring those around us.   Thank you for your consideration!


essential workers

-you know who you are

-the country couldn't work without you




-over 60

-high risk



-family of immuno-compromised

-family of those over 60

-family of someone with virus


-people helping at shelters, or food pantries



-tested positive for virus and quarantined

-tested positive for antibodies

-presumed immune

-presumed safe

-gray is okay



-nurses, doctors, medical staff

- police, emt, firefighters, rescue





-people who haven't gotten sick

-asymptomatic carriers

-the young, the healthy

Profits go to charity

Get Involved

Save Lives

we are offering the ease of apparel that you might wear out and about allowing you to experience your freedom 

goompa preserve.jpg

You will easily be able to identify others by the shirt they are wearing and know how to approach them.



+frontline is for the people working closely with those affected.  they are medical workers, rescue workers, police officers, volunteers, or in the military.  these are people we want to both recognize for their bravery, but also honor with space and offer the front of the line.  

caregiver is for the people caring for those at risk.  they are the family caring for the immunocompromised or sick with covid.  they are your clergy or good samaritan running an organization that helps those in financial need.  these are people we want to recognize for their giant hearts and honor them with distance.

Preserve is for the immunocompromised.  for the above 60 crowd and those with pre-existing conditions.   these are the people that we stayed home for. we will preserve them by doubling our distance from them, wearing a mask, being extra careful.  we will honor them by giving them our place in line.

vital is for the healthy person who is a question mark.  they don't know if they are a carrier.  these people are asymptomatic.   we want to recognize these people for their efforts in staying home and preserving lives that might otherwise be compromised.  they too play a vital role and so we honor them with our distance and a friendly peace sign.

Essential workers are the people that are needed no matter what .  without them we could not function.   they work late hours and clean up after us.   recognize them for their work ethic.  honor them with patience, kindness and your distance.

neutral is for the people that have been sick and tested positive, quarantined and are presumed immune, or have been tested with antibodies.  these people are ready and willing to go back to work.  recognize that these people are presumed safe and is why we say, "gray is okay."  honor them with a high five!