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about us

We are a family owned business passionate about keeping the American ethic.   We saw the circumstances we are in and felt compelled to reach out.    It is our dream to help our neighbor get a leg up.  After all, isn't that what we are meant to do?   

     Our mission is to unify, inform and strengthen society's health, economy, and spirit

while providing charitable funding for causes related to community and global health.   Our goal is to reunite friends and family; get back to work; get the economy swinging in a practical way.   Our challenge was to find a way without infringing on the rights of others and so, we are offering the alternative of our apparel which will allow you to be recognized and perhaps honored.

   UniTee Health Systems LLC, is a for profit enterprise.  We are focused on visual identification and rapid communication in emergency situations.  We do much more than T-Shirts.  Although a for profit enterprise, our main goal is to make money for our Charity, UniTee Health Charity.  We do need to take a responsible profit to ensure the life of our business, the care and stability of our employees, and to invest in future life saving ideas and concepts.


Because of changing economic conditions, timing of projects and needs of our employees, we cannot simply specify a percentage to Charity.  However, as part of our mission, we have set a goal of at least 30% of profits going to our Charity, UniTee Health Charity.  While a decision is made each year on how much more we can give, it is likely that anything above our 30% target would be given to other charities as chosen by our Board of Directors.