Training information

Businesses frequently ask about resources we offer and how to get involved:

We offer training documentation for your staff

  Click                                   to access our training power point in PDF format

We recommend allowing preferences to shoppers as follows:

 Discounts offered (at your discretion) to "Frontline", people at war with pandemic

 Preferred shopping times for "Preserve", elderly and ill persons

 Discounts and preferred shopping for "Caregivers," perhaps waive supply limits

  End of Day shopping for "Vitals" how are unknown, sanitize afterward

  Offer staging of orders for "Essential Workers" since their time is limited

"Neutrals" can shop whenever, preferred workers etc

With your permission, we can advertise on our site that your organization offers incentives in conjunction with displaying the shirt

Email our support email address and we will send you a document that allows us to display your logo

Please include your name, business name, title, and return phone number in the email

To print our coding chart click on the chart.   Right click on it and save the image.  Then print from your saved documents.