Frequently asked questions

What if I can be identified as more than one color?

Excellent question. You should wear the shirt that represents what you are doing out in public at all times. Even if you are "Neutral" (presumed immune), if you are providing care as a "Caregiver" you will get special recognition. "Frontline" personnel are the only category that should always wear a "Frontline" shirt. Otherwise, wear what you represent, and remember "Grey is Ok", if you are "Neutral" let people know. On your way to work as a critical worker, be an "Essential Worker" and let the world know because you deserve the recognition and distance as an "Esential Worker". If you still have questions, email us at support@uniteehealth.com

When should I wear my shirt?

You should wear and display your shirt whenever you are in public. If you do, people will know how to treat you and whether or not you need support or additonal distance. Imagine two "Neutrals" now shaking hands again because they have immunity. Let's get things moving! We also are asking people in a show of solidarity to display their post-pandemic shirts on every First Friday and Second Saturday of the month!

How should I care for my shirt?

We have chosen material for this shirt that is designed to be washed frequently. Please wash in cool water. Your shirt should be air dryed (it will dry quickly) on a hanger to make it last longer. If you want to santize your shirt, we recommend using Lysol Laundry Santizer and following the instructions on their label.

I see you slogan "Grey is OK", what does that mean?

In our system of colors and icons, we chose a grey shirt to represent those individuals with presumed immunity to COVID 19. The people have had the disease and recovered, have tested positive for antibodies and are not ill, or are vaccinated. Please follow all advice from the CDC on this subject. When we say "Grey is OK" we means that you will likely not contract the disease from these people because their bodies have built a resistance.

Why give profits to Charity?

Our goal here is to make a difference in the world. Last we checked, we can't take money with us when we pass. However, nothing would make us feel more wealthy than on our death beds to realize that we made the world a better place for our children, even if it is in a very small way.