UniTee Health Systems

UniTee Health Systems LLC is a for profit enterprise.  We are focused on visual identification and rapid communication in emergency situations.  We do much more than T-Shirts.  Although a for profit enterprise, our main goal is to make money for our Charity, UniTee Health Charity.  We do need to take a responsible profit to ensure the life of our business, the care and stability of our employees, and to invest in future life saving ideas and concepts.


Because of changing economic conditions, timing of projects and needs of our employees we cannot simply specify a percentage to Charity.  However, as part of our mission, we have set a goal of at least 30% of profits going to our Charity, UniTee Health Charity.  While a decision is made each year on how much more we can give, it is likely that anything above our 30% target would be given to other charities as chosen by our Board of Directors.

UniTee Health Charity

UniTee Health Charity is the principal charity we fund.  Individuals and Corporations can donate to UniTee Health Charity as a registered 503.b which makes your donations tax deductible.

With the current COVID 19 pandemic, it is critically obvious that in a time of true crisis, we cannot be left to take whatever the Government can supply us.  We are not diminishing or criticizing the government of any type for their response, in fact we believe that regardless of politics every person in an elected office wants to do the best for the citizens they represent.  Yet it is impossible for them to anticipate everything.

Our Charity is strictly focused on funding research, prevention and remediation of Community and Global Health concerns!  We focus on research and prevention, and God willing we will not have to assist in remediation - ever.  But if needed we will throw our support in however we can help if needed!

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