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Looking for the Green in Your Own Grass

This pandemic, though bad, isn't universally bad. I am sure many out there have had time to think, really just sit back and deep think. As the mother of five sons, all of whom have kind of gone their own ways over the last year of growing up. My oldest is going to be twenty-one and the youngest are now 14. They often did more bickering, as teenagers so often do. Correcting each other for saying a word wrong, you remember being that age. This has given all of us a lot of time to reflect and grow in humility and grace for one another.

When the boys were small, I made a real effort to instill the importance of their relationships with each other. I'd remind them they would always have one another as more than just a bro, but a life long friend. I remember sitting in the kitchen and hearing one of them yell out to the others one by one, "I love you _____." It melted my heart. Boys really can be compassionate and soft when they feel safe and loved.

As we've all aged, we all have developed our own things that have kept us from each other. We just have gotten busy with the little things of life. This pandemic has given us all a lot of time. It has brought some serious love back into the walls of our home. The bickering has dwindled. It's a beautiful thing to watch as your children, now young men, gather on their own to produce activities that aren't just video games. Watching them clean out the brush in the yard or build a structure together. Or even just visit around the fire.

We need to look for the blessings in this. I have been blessed with an unbelievable family. what have you been blessed with? Take time away from the possibly bleak news and reflect on what blessing can come to you through a lockdown.

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